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Hair is one of the most beautiful bio-material in human body. It reflects individuality, personality and sense of fashion of a person. A lady with wavy hair, or a guy with trendy hair volume always stands out in the crowd.

But, this is not the ideal scene across. Most often, we find a handsome person with little to no hair in his head. Or a beautiful lady feels low–because her ‘once beautiful’ hair have started thinning miserably.

With this website, I will share my knowledge and walk you through important topics like:

But the first thing that strikes is–why?

Why My Hair Is Falling Out: The Problem in Approach

Basic question. For everyone.

Unfortunately, the answers haven’t meet the end yet. The reason of your hair fall is not necessarily the same for me.

The fact is keeping your hair healthy and retain with the same shine intact for ages is really a challenging task.

The problem? In approach.

First, the perception that hair is an unnecessary bodily organ which will stay there for long, ever growing and shining anyway; it doesn’t require any special care for its retention other than just shampooing every now and then. This attitude undoubtedly harms our hair health leading to abnormal hair fall.

Secondly, the heat, chemicals, and other toxins we intake or encounter in day to day life damages the hair health, and result in excessive hair loss.

But, we are reluctant. Ignorant.

Until it turns a disaster.

Are you?

Now, you may jump to ask–

How Much Hair Fall Is Normal?

As a matter of fact, hair fall is a normal phenomenon and losing of 90 to 120 strands of hair per day is pretty normal depending on the age of the individual.

Well, you can’t avoid such relevant questions nor the myths when it comes to hair fall. The problem is, you don’t find any single stop that answers them all.

I’d insist you to go through the amazing archive of articles here in Hair Solution Center to know the insight of hair, different biological stages it passes through in its life cycle and various conventional and non-conventional ways to care and retain it for as long as you wish to.


Before you move ahead to dig into, let me answer some of the questions that disturb you every single day.

What Is The Best Time To Begin Treatment of Hair Loss?

All dermatologists agree on the answer to this important question. The earlier you catch your hair loss and the sooner you can begin treatment for it the better off you will be. It doesn’t matter what your cause of hair loss is the quicker you catch it and begin treatment the better off your results will be.

Is There Anything That Can Be Done To Prevent Hair Loss?

Genetic causes are unpreventable at the time. However, they can be slowed and treated by several different means once the effects are present.

Several other causes can also be prevented by taking proper steps. A well rounded diet that includes many fruits and vegetables can prevent or slow down hair loss.

Vitamins like A, C, and E can lead to a healthier, faster growing head of hair. This can be very helpful to those who are interested in keeping their hair thicker and more youthful.

All of these vitamins can be taken as a supplement or they can be included in your regular diet through fresh, colorful fruits and vegetables. Either way you will not regret their uses.

What is Minoxidil?

Minoxidil was the first medicine approved by the FDA for the treatment of hair loss. It came about through its use in pill form to treat other medical conditions but, researchers found that when it was applied topically to the scalp there was chances for it to slow, stop, or regrow hair in some patients.

It must be pointed out that the success rate of this medical treatment on average person is spotty at best. In fact it is no longer the first line of treatment for the growth of hair.

What Is The First Line of Treatment For Hair Loss?

Most doctors agree on the first treatment of hair loss. This particular medicine is by prescription and is called Propecia or Finasteride. It has shown great success in slowing and even growing hair back.

88% of people treated with this medicine show the slowing of hair loss and a further 66% show regrowth of hair under this treatment.

With success numbers like these, Propecia or Finasteride has turned up as wonder for most doctors to reach out for when treating patients for hair loss.

How Can I Maintain My Beautiful and Bulky Hair In Spite Of Current Hair Loss?

This is a simple answer. Many products are on the market today and they can help make your hair shinier, thicker, and healthier. Vitamins are just some of those that you can turn too to maintain your younger looking hair.

Biotin is another popular vitamin in hair loss. It is Vitamin B-Complex that can help you on your way to healthier skin, hair, and nails. This can help fighting scalp issues and hair focal issues together.

Can Hair Styling Products Or Wearing A Hat Influence My Hair Loss?

There are a lot of factors that will indicate hair loss. How you treat your hair and what you treat your hair with indeed determines the amount of hair loss you suffer. It is a temporary process—hair falls out on a regular basis and gets replaced nearly daily.

However, if you observe heavy hair fall or any thinning lines, you need to take a call immediately. Also, be very picky about hair styling products. Many of them are full of harmful chemicals.

Wrong ones can lead you to a position of no return. My humble suggestion will be—don’t go for cheap. Avoid unnecessary ones; choose only the right and the best hair styling products.

Are The Results of Hair Treatment Permanent?

There are many considerations to think of when asking this question. The real answer is—there is no permanent solution to hair loss besides surgery. There are only two medicines that can treat hair loss and the results from them might not show themselves for several months. Even worse is when you halt the treatment the results will soon fade away.

Can Stress Cause Your Hair Loss?

Yes. Hair loss due to stress is all based on how stressful the situation is. There are researchers today who are making a more detailed study on the long term effects of stress on hair loss.

Can Propecia Help Women?

There are only two medicines that are approved for the treatment of hair loss. Propecia is the only one that is approved to be taken orally. On the bad note it is not approved to be taken by females.

Although it has not gained FDA approval for the treatment of female pattern baldness, yet a doctor can prescribe whatever they deem necessary. It might be “Off-the-Label” but, if certain conditions are already met it can help women with hair loss as it does in men.

Other Medical Treatments That Can Help Hair Loss?

Yes. There are two main types of treatments surgical and non-surgical. Hair transplants, scalp reduction, scalp expansion, are among the types of surgical procedures that it is available on the modern market.

Other treatments include vitamins, Propecia, Minoxidil, and proper diets. They each have advantages and disadvantages.

Is Women’s Hair Loss Any Different Than Men’s?

Most of the causes are the same in men and women. However, women’s hair loss has a greater tendency to happen in a more general sense. Men’s hair loss has a greater chance to occur in strict places like the front and the top. Women do have the chance of more pattern baldness.

Can Medications Affect Hair Loss?

Yes, there are several different medications that have been known to cause hair loss. Diet pills, blood pressure, and cholesterol lowering medications are all some of the ones that have been known to cause hair loss in some patients.

The best thing to do is give your doctor all of the information about your medical history including genetic history of family members that have had hair loss. As long as your doctor is given all of the right information then he has a better chance of treating you with the proper medication.

What Can I Expect From A Hair Loss Consultant?

There are a lot of different things that you might come up against depending on what the cause of your hair loss is.

Among the standard test your doctor will probably want to do is taking blood to check hormone levels that can lead to hair loss, physical tests on your scalp itself like hair pulling plucking, and a scalp biopsy, and he will ask you a ton of questions about your family history.

Be sure to do a little research before you go to him on the history of your family. Which family member has had to deal with hair loss and is they know the causes than it too will help your doctor properly treat your hair loss.

How Can I Keep My Hair Growing Longer And Thicker?

There are many methods that you can use to help your hair growth continue. Sometimes the way you treat and wash your hair can cause hair loss. You should wash your hair no more than 3 times a week. Repeated washing in hot water and adding in the harsh chemicals can make your hair loss even worse.

Wash your hair in as cold of water as you can stand. Hair is more prone to stretch and break in hot water. Try not to use hair care products that have some of the harsher chemicals in them. Use more natural and organic products.

Are There Any Shampoo Treatment For Thinning Hair Or Hair Loss?

There are several treatments that are available in a shampoo form. Thinning hair that has not led directly to major hair loss can be covered up with different styling products.

The best thing that you can do is to experiment with different styling products. Different forms of volume control shampoos can make a large difference. Mousses and gel products can also make a large difference when trying to cover up for your thinning hair.

These tactics can be used while you are undergoing treatment but, have not seen results yet. Simple styling tactics and other keratin containing products can help to add bulk and produce results that might hide your thinning hair.

Is There Anything Natural That I Can Take For Hair Loss?

There are several supplements that can help out hair loss most of which include Vitamin D, Biotin, and Iron. These can be an easy addition to any existing hair loss plan that you already have in place. Good news–they don’t require any prescription.

One thing to note about adding treatments like these is that you should do so under the watchful eye of your doctor.

What Are The Chances Of Styling Causing More Hair Loss?

The answer is yes. All sorts of hair styling products from straighteners, curlers, and the heat from a blow dryer can all cause damage to your hair. You can turn to more organic and natural means of styling your hair that will not cause as much damage as the others.

What Are Other Effects Of Hair Loss?

Hair loss does not always just affect your hair. It can also affect your stress, self-esteem, and the mental image of yourself. This can all lead to other health related problems if left unchecked.

It is always a good choice to talk with a professional if you are having thoughts like this about your hair loss. There are lots of things that can be done to improve your looks.

What Alternative Treatments To Improve Hair Growth?

There are some alternative treatments that you can go for. One of the popular choices is laser therapy. As the name suggest, it is process of treating hair with laser beam. Handy device—in the form of comb or cap, are available in the market to take on the therapy.

Laser therapy has gathered several positive testimonials from the users over the years. The only downfall with these methods is there is little to no clinical evidence to back that laser therapy actually works. However, companies make great claims about its magical effect. HairMax is one of them.

What Is On The Horizon For Hair Growth Treatments?

There are many companies and scientists that are performing experiments with gene therapy to help awaken dormant cells and stimulate hair growth but, unfortunately these treatments might take years in the making before they are turned to wide spread use.