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Letting the Aroma Heal You

Letting the Aroma Heal You
Aromatherapy Healing for Hair Loss

Aromatherapy For Hair Loss

The cornerstone of aromatherapy revolves around essential oils. They are created by the process of steam distillation or pressing and derived from the roots, leaves, flowers, bark or fruit of a plant to produce a highly concentrated concoction with healing properties.

So whether you want to pump up your mood, fight the incessant headache or infuse a delectable aroma in the ambiance, the variety of essential oils available on the market will meet your needs.

Just light up some aromatherapy candles infused with rich essential oils or sprinkle a few drops in your bath water to bask in the healthy aroma created by these aromatherapy essential oils.

The secret behind the success of aromatherapy as a form of alternative medicine lies in the fact that a huge diversity of essential oils exists for every imaginable problem.

Not only will these essential oils be free of side effects, they take up a superiority of the other form of therapies because of their non-invasive nature. So why swallow the bitter pill for your headache when the sweet ambiance of Marjoram can fill your head up and rid of your pain?

Facts about Essential Oils

Essential oil is a non-oily liquid that is distilled or pressed from various parts of a plant. It is a fragrance essence of a plant which is why they are concentrated.

Essential oils are different form fragrances or perfumes and possess various health and psychological benefits. Most essential oils are transparent in color although a few like orange and lemongrass may be amber in color.

A little essential oil is used by diluting it with a carrier agent like sweet almond oil or grape seed oil because direct application in the concentrated form may result in skin reactions.

Essential oil molecules when inhaled or rubbed on the skin directly enter the blood stream through the lungs or skin to produce the desired effects.

It is important at this point to categorize essential oils according to their physical and psychological benefits.  Let’s take a sneak peak at a few famous essential oils and their health benefits that they posses:


Bergamot: Beating the Stress

With this citrus essence derived from the Citrus Beragamia tree, you can be relieved from your woes of stress and anxiety. Derived from the rind of the fruit by the pressing method, this oil is widely used for colognes, perfumes, bath oils, massage oils or as a vaporizer.

It is very helpful to tackle the problems of stress, depression and anxiety. It is also very healthy for the digestive system so can whip up your appetite and cure anorexia.

It can stimulate your liver, spleen and digestive system and helps cure malaise. It is further used to treat skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis.But you have to be careful not to go out in direct sunlight after application of this oil as it can burn the skin if exposed.

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Marjoram: Taming down your child’s hyperactivity

If you are tired of your child’s hyperactivity then Marjoram will prove to be your sigh of relief. Just put a few drops in your child’s bath water or a vaporizer and watch the aroma calm him down. A similar therapeutic benefit is also achieved by its role in relieving anxiety.

The ancient Greeks have also discovered its health benefits for use in constipation or cramps. Steam distilled from the leaves of the herb, this oil is also effective for respiratory conditions like asthma and sinusitis.

If you suffer from a lack of sleep due to anxiety, stress or insomnia then a bath infused with a few drops of marjoram will put you in a peaceful slumber easily.

Simple massage this oil with your regular massage oil to further alleviate tension and headaches. But do avoid its use in pregnancy just to be on the safe side although there are no absolute contraindications.


Cedar wood: the oldest essential oil

This is a wood-scented essential oil derived from the native trees of North America. It dates its history back to the Egyptians and it holds the status of being one of the first essential oils ever discovered.

Steam distillation of Cedar wood chips produces this smooth blend of essential oil that can be used for it calming properties and provides an instant spiritual lift. It is also used for many skin problems, respiratory and urinary tract infections.

It can be utilized by the process of vapor inhalation or added to massage oils or facial creams. Avoid using the concentrated form of the oil as it could damage skin and it is best to avoid use during pregnancy.

Rose: for your feminine side

While rose remains the perpetual symbol of romance, the essential oil derived from the rose petals has great significance in tackling female problems.

Not only is rose one of the oldest essential oils known to us, but is also one of the priciest of all essential oils.

It is an ideal oil to keep in your cabinets as it can be used for a variety of problems like digestive, heart, respiratory and circulatory problems as well as relieves depression and anxiety.

It can be used as a preventive therapy for heart and skin problems. Like most other essential oils, use during pregnancy is best avoided.

Rosemary: Keeping your mind active

The role of rosemary is that of an essential mental stimulant. it enhances concentration and increases attention span. So if you feel your brain is slowing down during an assignment, then a bath infused with rosemary will lift you up and increase your brain performance.

This herb also has been considered to have a sacred association throughout its use in aromatherapy.  Using this oil in your humidifier with help increase enhances your memory with the additional benefits of relieving sinusitis congestion.

A rosemary massage is also very helpful for those muscle aches, headaches and arthritis. A rosemary massage is also considered beneficial for liver, gallbladder and digestive disorders.

Although rosemary may seem to be the single solution for multiple problems, its use should be avoided by epileptics, hypertensive and pregnant females.

Lavender: Fragrantly relieves the stress

Lavender holds the distinction of being the most popular essential oil adorning the market shelves. Not only does it have a breathtakingly sweet fragrance but it also works miraculously as an effective stress relieving oil.

It is used by a variety of massage clinics for this purpose. So whether you add a few drops to your bath water, diffuse or trickle the fragrance on your pillow, you will notice the powerful calming effect of lavender on your senses.

This oil can also be used as an antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, decongestant, deodorant, diuretic and sedative. The use should be avoided in case of an allergic reaction to the oil. So explore the various benefits by trying out this oil yourself.