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Look Gorgeous with Hair Extensions

Look Gorgeous with Hair Extensions

Are you amazed by the variations in the hair length of celebrities? Well, chances are they are faking those long lock of voluminous hair!

Hair extensions are a big hit in the market as stylists have quadrupled their income by extending their services in this new beauty hype.

Britney Spears and Black Eyed Pea’s female singer Fergie are some of the prominent names that are known to make a style statement when it comes to the red carpet.

What’s their perfect hair secret? It’s none other than the use of hair extensions that lets them enjoy any look that pleases them. So why not join the club? 😎

Why Do I Need Hair Extension?

This question will vary from individual to individual. Are you tired of lifeless and thin hair? Do you feel annoyed at how your hair never seem to grow long? Do you fantasize a hairstyle with long locks of curls? Then you are on the right page for you are indeed in need of a hair revolution!

Hair extensions are your man-made solution to all the hair woes that shatter your self-confidence. If you seeking a perfect balance of full bodied and generously long hair then read on to know all about hair extensions.

Benefits of Hair Extensions?

To sum it up, there are many! If you recently got a nightmare for a haircut then I feel for you. No force in the world can reattach those hairs back on your head.

But wait! What if I tell you that hair extension is the perfect temporary relief to save yourself the embarrassment of being a hair disaster? You can simply get hair extensions that are carefully blended with your own hair shade so they do not appear to be artificial.

Does the phrase ‘limp tresses’ ring a bell? If you find your hair line receding backwards or just plain sick of the hair thinning cycle then hair extensions is your answers to those desperate prayers.

Also if you are getting a solution to halt brakes on the aging cycle then this is an opportunity not to be missed!

The best part about getting hair extensions is its convenience. Unlike, hair transplant and other surgical procedures this method is way cheaper with no repercussions what so ever. The next section will discuss how they are applied.

What Are The Various Techniques Used?

There is no single method defined for the application of hair extensions. With the recent advancement, beauty salons have used interesting ways to make the extensions last longer. To state a few, some of the techniques used for hair extensions are as follows:

1. Fusion, strand-by-strand or pre-tipped hair: This process is done by focusing on each strand. A glue machine gun or heat adhesive sticks are used to stick the hair on to the scalp. It is relatively simple process that one can easily learn their own.

2. Weaving: In this process a track is made all around your head first. Then the stylist will sew the extensions on the tracked region. In this manner your natural hair fall as layers on the hair extensions giving it a natural look.

3. Bonding: This is easily the most basic and temporary method of hair extensions. With the help of glue gun the weft of hair extensions are stuck on the desired area of your scalp. Its lifetime is usually shorter when compared to other techniques available in the market.

4. Shrinkies: In this method little tubes are heat shrunk around your scalp so they can for a bond with the hair extensions. They last for about 3 to 4 months and is a time consuming process of about 4 to 5 hours.

5. Micro tubes: This process is also known as the flat tubes or Hair Locs. If you possess jet black hair or slightly brown hair then this method is ideal for you.

Firstly as the names suggests micro tubes are threaded on your head then the hair extensions are slowly added finalizing the process with the tube being flattened. This allows pressure to be exerted on the hair extensions that are sealed on to the scalp.

Various Types Of Hair Extensions?

A. Clip-ins: As the name suggests clip-in hair extensions are easily clipped in and out of hair. With a small clip region you can attach it anywhere on your head. There are variations in the clip-ins hair extensions present in the market.

If you want lose curls then curly clip in hair extensions are the call of the day. If you wish to get voluminous hair for a particular evening only, then extensions are your best friend for the day. When you get back home all you have to do is detach the clip and have your natural hair back.

B. Long hair extensions: Ever walked into a clothing store feeling overwhelmed by the choices it has to offer? Now it’s time to feel that way about your hair as well.

With the advertisements playing on every channel a woman’s desire to achieve Rapunzel like hair only becomes more intense. If you dream of long hair that will brighten your day then a simple solution is to opt for long hair extensions.

Are There Any Hair Extensions For Men?

The 21st century calls for the men being just as bold and daring as the woman. Woman is no longer the only substance of beauty.

Contradictory to the previous era, men can sell almost any product just as effectively as any exotic woman. So why limit the solution of voluminous hair to woman only?

If you have tried pills, foams, sprays and cream that claimed to regrow your hair but only left you disappointed then you should definitely opt for hair extensions. It is great for men who want long hair but never get to it naturally.

Also for those of you suffering from male pattern baldness hair extensions are your ultimate remedies to avoid being the victim of bald jokes.