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How to Match Your Hair Extension with Different Occasions

How to Match Your Hair Extension with Different Occasions

hair-extensions-for-various occassionsFrom time immemorial hair styles were designed and styled to mark special occasions such as weddings, birthdays and parties!

Hair extension is among the hottest fashion accessory in the world of women and a few men. The rich and the famous wear them all the time. Good news is that we have extensions that are pretty affordable for anyone who wants to experience change of image accordingly.

Think of weddings, birthday parties, proms and other occasions that hair extensions are famous for. Natural techniques are however taking the biggest chunk.

Since hair extensions are a great of adding pizzazz and intrigue into your life. Application of these extensions is not just a walk in the park, it’s specialized. Different salons do them differently because hairdressers have been trained on how to apply them differently. That is why you have to explain to your hair dresser what you want so that they can give you an estimate well before you book an appointment. Check out this guide, it’ll help you on that.

So, do you have short hair that you want to make longer or even make your already-long hair even longer. Or maybe you fancy that special look on night/day out or other special occasion. Well checking out what the wonders of human or synthetic hair extensions can do is all what you need to do.

With advancing techniques, hair style transformations has now more than ever become simple safe and fast than it has ever been. Some women have mastered the art of doing it on their own but it is recommended that a professional hair stylist be sought before you venture into any of those DIY techniques.

Why All the Hype in Women and Hair Extensions

Hair extensions are sections of hair added to a woman’s natural hair in an effort to add its volume and length or even change its style. Hair extensions can either be natural or synthetic.

Natural types are made from real human hair; cost more and they look more realistic as compared to their synthetic counterparts. They come in many varieties that can be pre-highlighted, pre-premed or pre-colored.

Hair extensions can be fixed in a number of ways depending on the occasion and budget. Clip- ins are easy to manage and are available in many online stores and hair extension shops.

Hair extensions can fashionably use to complement any outfit. Women wear them to routinely change their looks though others simply want to add length to their natural hair. This is purely because women are constantly looking for new ways to change their looks. Even the slightest adjustment in the way a woman looks changes not only the physical appearance but also her self-esteem.

With the different types of hair extensions options in the market today, it may be a bit overwhelming for a woman to choose which extensions will work best for an occasion at hand. When choosing hair extension for a particular occasion, a few things must be taken into consideration.

Hair Extensions for Work Place

You would be wrong to think that extensions are only used for special events mentioned above. But have you ever figured out that there could be one of those special hair extensions that are fit for your work place?

Regardless of where you work, hair extensions can be made part of your look. However, this depends on how you style them in order to create the kind of look that is perfect for that place where you spend most of your time.

Some organizations have relaxed code of dressing while others have some strict laid down rules and expectations. All in all you can still have some of those hair extensions and wear them sleekly pulled back or even put the flowing locks.

Sports and other active people are not left out either. While they may prefer short hair during sporting activities, they can quickly add some volume and length with clip-ins which are just perfect for night outs and off season escapades.

Models and actors are constantly under public scrutiny and need to be versatile. Hair extensions secretly play this role of changing their looks within a heartbeat.

Those working from home have the advantage of having their styling tools at the tip of their fingers and can style any kind of hair extension.

Hair extensions basically work in all work environments.

Hair Extensions for Special Occasions


Traditionally everyone is dresses up probably with designer clothes. Glitz and glamour is during such occasions usually gets undoubtedly at its peak. You can now surprise them with a new killer colored hairstyle. Especially if they are used to seeing you in one of those trendy bob cuts, surprise them with long flowing locks that draws the attention of everyone.


For that bride who otherwise does not have long hair, an excellent hair extension can add volume and length to her hair. It is advisable for the bride to go for the temporally extensions because she will only need them for her wedding day only.

Bonding extension is great though this method tends to harm the hair. Only products that will make the hair look lustrous and beautiful should be used. A bride should always go for those colors that look natural on her. Who said a wedding is all about the bride! Add up the spice with one of those latest drop dead gorgeous colored extension that looks great on you.

Bad Hair days

Everyone must undergo a bad hair day at one time or another. Why not through caution in the wind and demand some of those trendy clip-in human hair extensions that will automatically convert a bad hair day to a good hair day.

Choosing Salons For Fixing Hair Extensions

Salon Hair ExtensionIn order to make your hair look perfect, your need to locate a good hair stylist. You can never gamble in this area and therefore you should never let a novice touch a strand of your hair.

Hair extensions are strains of hair that when fixed they give that impression of thick and long hair. Fixing them is a time consuming exercise. It needs to be done carefully by a professional because they have to be evenly distributed on the scalp in order to achieve a natural look.

It is advisable to visit saloons that use extensions of the highest quality. A good hair stylist will give you information on how you will look after your hair so that it won’t tangle plus the products to use and what to avoid.

Why Need A New Hair Extension Just To Attend A Function?

The question has always been, what is the point if at all they cost so much?

Some women just envy their friend’s long hair and may not want to feel in any way inadequate during certain occasions. Others could be attending a formal event or some kind of a reunion and they want to make a lasting impression. Hair extensions come in handy and play the role in the over vibe.

Other women do not have any other option especially after undergoing a haircut that may not be appropriate for a certain occasion. Hair extensions in this case basically act as a cover up.

Whatever your reasons may be, the fact of the matter is that hair extensions promote your individuality big time during those specific occasions. Regardless of the price, women would rather have one done because the last thing want to happen is regret not having them done.

Things to Consider When Choosing Hair Extension for Any Occasion

Most important is to consider the color of your natural hair and decide if that is the color that you want to grace the occasion with. You can go for that extension that matches your hair color or have a professional add your preferred highlight effect.

For those formal occasions, highlights should not be anything more than two shades lighter than you natural hair. Remember too much contrast may appear cheap. Especially if the occasion involves photo session two shades lighter will give you a lovely contrast that will bring out your new hairstyle nicely.

You would also want to consider volume and length. If you need to feel natural during the occasion, the purchasing 100% human hair extensions will do the trick. With human hair extensions, hot elements such as flat iron and curling irons can be used.

Synthetic hair may not be a good choice for formal occasions since they don’t look natural to the eye.Your body size and type must be considered when choosing the perfect length of your extensions. For example long hair extensions tend to overpower a petite person.

So the next time you are invited to any event, formal or otherwise and, want to look your best—think about your hair. Consider going to the saloon and get that fancy hairstyle that will last you a few days.


Great Hair Extensions for All Occasions

Now you know that hair extensions are not meant for only those actresses and models who at the end of the day want to achieve a certain look. Women from all corners of the world are using them daily in an effort to appear sexier with more voluminous hair styles.

They are both innovative and great fashion accessories. There are a million and one ways to explore them. However, it is important to consider the amount of money you have at hand and your preferred mode of maintenance. Get to know if you can afford it before you make a decision.

Here are some of the most popular types:-

1. Clip-ons
Clip-ons can be made for both natural and synthetic hair. They are temporary and can easily be removed. They happen to be the most economical choice since they are detachable. They are most economical and can be selected for occasions such as wild parties and even formal parties. Good thing about them is that they are not susceptible to heat. In the market you will find them in several colors, some of them being straight and others curly.

2. Bonding
Also known as sealing, here your hair is separated in to divisions. Extensions are then woven on to the roots of your hair and a sealing formula is applied. This method is expensive and takes a lot of time to get the desired results. If done by an expert it can last up to four months.

3. Fusion
Very popular with celebrities. Here, certain sections of strands extensions are attached to your hair in small divisions making sure that your hair and extensions mix well looking like a single set of hair. It is very expensive and applying it takes a lot of time. Good thing about it is that it looks very almost like genuine hair.

Regardless of your geographical location, hairstylists recommend use of hair extension for people who want to correct the damaged one. Others may be just for fun and overall appearance. Whatever your case may be, it is good to know that different hair stylist apply different methods of attaching hair extensions.

Some prefer bonds, others copper coils that blend very well with natural hair. Extensions are then attached to the last layers of the hairs making them invisible. In fact it is only you who knows that what you are wearing is an extension.

Conclusively, hair extensions are available in different colors and textures that can fit every hair type. Your hair designer will advise you on how to take great care of your hair extension so that proper texture can be maintained. Maintenance process takes place at the salon every two or three months. Moisturizer must be applied frequently so that the hair may remain silky.