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Micro Ring Hair Extension

Hair extensions have always proved to be one of the best options to use as a hairstyle. Though micro ring hair extension has just hit the market, they have influenced the stylish and even the non-stylish crowd a lot. 🙂

Easy ring extensions or loop extensions can be counted to be other names for this type. You can find them in natural colors such as dark brown, blonde, light brown, etc. The bond can be found with more grips if a silicon layer is added inside with the micro rings.

What are micro ring hair extensions?

This makes a type of extension in which a small cylinder of metal is tied to your hair. Few strands of hair gets threaded or clamped, with the help of a loop which is fixed to the hair extension, all the way through the micro ring. Once this procedure gets over, the natural hair is tightly clamped to the ring with the use of pliers.

What is the age of micro ring hair extension?

If you treat your hair well enough then the micro hair extensions can work as long as you want. The more your hair grows, the more away the extension will go from your scalp. On the other hand, you can remove the extension as you have tied it.

As no adhesives or chemicals are applied, there is no pain in detaching the extended hair from the natural hair. Only the ring will be opened and the extensions will be removed during the removal process.

What is the cost of micro ring hair extension?

The maximum cost of such extension goes up to $600 for full head. You can visit any salon to get it done. However, they seem so easy to apply; you can call your friend and make her do for your natural hair.

What is the duration of extension process?

It does not take more than one and a half hours. Almost an hour is needed or a little more than that to apply the extension to the hair. After it is attached, you will take minimum 15 minutes to level the extensions to your hair.

Can you color the extension?

You can color the extension as, now, it is a part of your hair. Treat it as your natural hair. You just have to make sure that no color is applied to the scalp or near the ring. As the ring is in metal form, there are chances of it getting reacted with the chemicals in the dye or the color you apply.

How to maintain hair after using the extension?

After attaching the hair extension, always try to wash and clean your hair in one direction. This can avoid the tangling of the hair as detangling it can cause a lot of pain. As after hair wash the hair tries to shrink, you may have to experience the rings getting loose and slipping down.

Hence, dry it as smoothly and easily as possible. The extensions might get a little frizzy so you will have to use some hair styles. However, you will have to again make sure that you style it with ease and do not take the hot iron near the metal rings or scalp.