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5 Reasons Why Emu Oil is Helpful for Hair Growth

5 Reasons Why Emu Oil is Helpful for Hair Growth
Emu Oil and hair

Emu (Dromaius novaehollandiae)

Statistics shows that over 50% of men have lose a significant amount of hair by the time they are 50.

There has been a great development of drugs and oils claiming to be a solution to hair loss.

Some of these oils actually have the ability to stimulate the regrowth of lost hair while others may not be equally effective.

Emu oil is found to be one of the most effective oil for hair growth.

The oil is gotten from the sterilized oil from a flightless Australian large bird called Emu (scientific name — Dromaius novaehollandiae). With the need to prevent hair loss in men and women, emu oil has come into the spotlight due to its positive results.

Research shows the use of emu oil by the early Australians to heal wounds; now, emu oil is being used as a solution to hair loss.

How Emu Oil Works

The developmental level of hair needs fatty acids for healthy growth and closed follicles need a cleanup of dirt and scalps.

Emu oil first cleans up the follicles and helps hair to re-grow from the dermal papilla and emu oil has fatty acids (Omega3, 5 and 9) and this keeps hair much healthier and helps hair to re-grow from dead pores.

Advantages of Using Emu Oil

#1. It is Safe and Natural: Applying emu oil is a safe and natural option among most of the hair loss remedies available in the market today; they are not only expensive but also ridden with negative effects.

The deep-penetrating and anti inflammatory properties of emu oil allow it to be unique in its capability to regenerate skin cells, repair DNA and promote hair growth.

#2. Emu oil can also be apparently capable of starting hair re-growth across the frontal hairline which is very hard to attain than that of the vertex area or top–using certain hair loss remedies like Propecia and Rogaine.

#3. It is a great emulsifier. This means that it has the capacity to blend oil and water together and make a cream that does not feel oily on the skin or scalp.

Many topical hair loss treatments do not penetrate the skin barrier wall. Emu oil can penetrate your skin barrier and achieve this without leaving an oily residue behind.

#4. It is Bacteriostatic. An important property of emu oil is that it’s bacteriostatic. Tests show that in its natural state, no bacterial organisms are grown by emu oil.

Pure pharmaceutical-grade emu oil includes a long shelf-life that is why and also due to the low degrees of polyunsaturated fats that are the absolute most susceptible to oxidation and ultimate rancidity.

This action is likely to be of great assist in future uses both pharmaceuticals and cosmetics, and is important for treating hair thinning, as bacterial infiltrates have now been proved to be contained in MPB.

#5. It leaves no irritation. Emu oil does not have any form of irritation of the skin and scalp. It is proven to don’t have any side effects, and what this means is that even at full-strength, emu oil has very low levels of irritation.

Tips to Use Emu Oil

According to hair re-growth specialists, emu oil must be rubbed into the scalp three times daily to maximize benefits.

  • Whenever convenient, apply a larger level of oil and leave it on for 20-30 minutes before rinsing.
  • When one follows this protocol, signs of re-growth generally become apparent within 30-90 days.