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Grow Your Hair Longer and Faster

Grow Your Hair Longer and Faster

How to Grow Hair FasterEvery shampoo advertisement revolves around a young woman with incredibly long, thick locks bashing in your face.

This sets a subconscious ideal in our minds and makes us chase the wild fantasy of striving for locks that grow longer and voluminous faster.

But are we involved in a wild goose chase that will lead us nowhere? The tips provided in this article will lead you towards the conclusion that the perfect hair dream is indeed an attainable possibility.

Vitamins and Their Roles in Hair Growth

Leaning towards the chemically manipulated hair products ends up causing more damage to your hair than the benefits that they promise. Make nature your safe haven and explore the beauty secrets that nature has provided for us in the form of vitamins.

Eating a healthy and balanced diet is the secret behind flawless beautiful hair. But in the contemporary age it becomes increasingly difficult to obtain a completely balanced diet.

Hence we require the assistance of supplementary hair growth vitamins or vitamins for hair growth to make up for what we miss in our dietary intake.

So don’t let your diet compromise your hair’s innate ability to grow to the best of their potentials. Take advantage of the following vitamins to make your hair thicker and longer in an all natural way:

Vitamin A – the hydrating vitamin :

The primary role of vitamin A is of an antioxidant that also helps in the production of healthy sebum in your scalp which keeps the scalp and hair hydrated. The deficiency of this vitamin leads to increased hair breakage.

Supplementing your diet from natural sources like fresh green vegetables, carrots and meat will enhance the beauty of your hair by making them stronger and shinier. Needless to say, the stronger your hair is, the longer they will grow!

Vitamin C – the growth vitamin :

Vitamin C is also an antioxidant that we should incorporate in our diet. The role of Vitamin C is in tissue growth and development on a cellular level. With these properties Vitamin C can serve as a strong defense against hair fall.

The antioxidant action further prevents premature graying, dry and brittle hair. So grow your hair longer and stronger by consuming Vitamin C from natural sources like citrus fruits, green leafy vegetables, potatoes and so on.

Vitamin D – follicle growth vitamin :

Vitamin D contributes towards hair growth and healthy follicles. By stimulating, the growth of healthy hair follicles and hair shaft. This answers the question about how to make the hair grow thicker.

Vitamin D also works by assisting the absorption of calcium which further increases the hair follicle growth. So consume vitamin D from sources like fish, mushrooms, fish, eggs, milk and cod liver oil and observe the wonders that it works on your hair growth.

Vitamin E – pumping up the blood supply :

Vitamin E plays a major role in increasing blood capillary growth and increasing the blood supply to the scalp which then plays a role in providing the nutrients to keep the scalp healthy.

A healthy scalp would mean less hair breakage which leads to hair that is longer, stronger and thicker. A supple blood supply triggers hair follicle growth further enhancing the process of hair growth.

Benefits of vitamin E can be obtained from common sources like dark green vegetables, rice, legumes, whole grains and soya beans. So enjoy thicker hair by supplementing your hair with this essential vitamin.

Vitamin B – stronger hair follicles :

Vitamin B complex includes a group of vitamin which are very important for hair growth and nutrition. Vitamin B works it magic by providing strength to your hair follicles. This will enhance hair growth and prevent hair fall due to weak brittle hair.

Additionally vitamin B complex protects your hair from premature ageing. Notable members of this group which have significant roles in hair include Vitamin B5, Vitamin B6 and folic acid. So consume enough eggs, meat, fresh fruits and meat to supplement your diet with this vitamin.

Always remember that consuming the right amount of balanced nutrients will contribute towards a healthy body.

If you feel that your diet is not sufficient and you are observing your hair bear the consequences of your carelessness then using dietary supplements to provide your body with the essential vitamins may become mandatory.

If your hair are damaged beyond repair, you may end up taking various treatments to restore your thinning weak hair to their former glory.

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