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Jamaican Black Castor Oil for Hair Growth

Jamaican Black Castor Oil for Hair Growth
Jamaican Castor Oil and Hair Loss

Jamaican Castor Oil Plant (Ricinus Communis )

Jamaican castor oil differs from other castor oils because of the production process.

The normal castor oil which we’re most acquainted with originates from the cold-pressing of castor beans.

Jamaican castor oil is brownish since the castor beans are first roasted and then boiled before they’re pressed to produce the oil.

The oil contains ash in the process that will be no impurity but enhances the functioning of the oil.

About The Jamaican Black Castor Oil

Castor oil has been used medicinally for more than 4,000 years for a myriad of conditions. The castor bean is native to Western Africa and made its method to Jamaica via the slave trade.

Nowadays, the castor oil is produced the old fashioned way in Jamaica. Genuine Jamaican Black Castor Oil is brownish in color and accompanied with the burnt odor. Jamaican castor oil is super-effective for hair. It doesn’t matter what sort of hair problem. It’s a perfect solution of hair thinning and loss.

It has the power to make your hair thick, shiny and strong. It also increases hair development process considerably. Those with hair growth problems then Jamaican black castor oil is a great solution.

How Jamaican Castor Oil Works

Jamaican Castor oil has antibacterial and anti-fungal properties that rid the head of more hair growth hindrances. These properties gently clean the scalp, which makes castor oil a superb dandruff and scalp infection treatment.

This versatile oil conditions the scalp, which eventually results in increased hair growth stronger, thicker hair and improved texture. Castor oil also reduces damage and shedding of the hair by defining it.

The essential fatty acids in castor oil keep hair moisturized and nourished. A natural humectant, Jamaican castor oil keeps your own hair shiny and smooth.

Applying this old Jamaican foil as a hot-oil treatment can leave your own hair feeling good. As it can help fill in a thinning hairline, it’s brilliant for both calm and natural girls.

How to Use Jamaican Castor Oil

  • Moisturize your hair. Before using any oil on your hair, make sure that your hair is wet. This is because most oils do not moisturize your hair but seal in the moisture in your hair and prevent it from losing any moisture.
  • Use less oil. Make sure that you don’t overuse the castor oil. Most people have the assumptions that using so much oil will help in improving their hair which is not normally the case. For better results always make sure that you follow all the rules as directed by a specialist.  Due to the oil’s thickness, when used in excess it may lead to you having greasy and oily hair which is unpleasant.
  • Mix with other oils. Since the Jamaican castor oil is heavy and thick, missing it with other lighter oils will lead to great results. Make sure that you mix it with the right oil such as olive oil so as to get the best results.


Jamaican castor oil is highly effective and has proven results. If you are looking for oil that will help you with your hair growth then you should consider trying this out.