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6 Mineral Oil Hair Growth Benefits

6 Mineral Oil Hair Growth Benefits
Mineral Oils for hair loss

Mineral Oil

Mineral oil is a colorless oil made from liquid petroleum. Mineral oil is often included in most of the hair and skin care products.

The main purpose of using mineral oil is to keep the moisture in your hair, add shine, and also prevent frizz.

There are many speculations about the use of mineral oils and also its effect to one’s skin.

Let’s look at some of the advantages it has, when we consider to use mineral oil for hair growth.

Benefits Of Using Mineral Oil:

1. Ability to hold moisture: As stated above mineral oils have the ability to hold in the moisture of your hair. This is because it creates barriers over the cuticles thus preventing the moisture from evaporating.

Mineral oils also prevent any moisture from penetrating to the hair strand. That’s why you should always make sure that your hair is well hydrated before applying mineral oils. Mineral oil is better in moisturizing hair when compared to other vegetable oils.

2. Scalp condition: Mineral oil can be a solution if you have a problem with dandruff, scalp psoriasis and cradle cap. This is because it loosens dry scales on the scalp and generally reduces the overall inflammation.

3. Curl formation: It enhances the curl formation. This is because mineral oil enhances the clamping of adjacent hair strands.For instance African American hair is more fragile compared to that of other hair types this is because it has less moisture. When mineral oil is used on such hair it increases curl formation.

4. Non stickiness: When compared to other hair care products, mineral oil is less greasy when applied and does not lead to the hair looking stringy. This is because mineral oil is light and non greasy. You should make sure you use it sparingly for when overused it might leave your hair oily.

5. It works with both conditioned and unconditioned hair. Mineral oil effectively works on both types of hair.You must, however, be careful not to use mineral oil on hair with a lot conditioner for it might reduce its effectiveness.

6. Affordability: This is one more reason why you should consider using mineral oil. This is when it’s compared to other plant based-oils which serve the same purpose.

Myths Associated With Mineral Oil:

A. Mineral oil is contaminated with carcinogens: While it’s true that some petroleum derivatives include carcinogenic components (like some poly-cyclic aromatic compounds) the mineral oil that’s found in the cosmetic and pharmaceutical industry is highly refined and purified.

It’s controlled by the US FDA and other global regulatory agencies. There is simply no proof that cosmetic grade mineral oil causes cancer. And there’s been plenty of testing performed to ensure that fact.

B. Mineral oil robs your hair of supplements: Since many supplements are oil based, people think that mineral oil will take them from your hair. There’s no legitimate scientific evidence that this really is true. Mineral oil doesn’t have an influence on the vitamin levels in your hair.