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Hair Restoration Surgery : The Ultimate Choice

Hair Restoration Surgery : The Ultimate Choice
What is Hair Restoration Surgery

Hair Restoration Surgery

When you are battling your worst nightmare of baldness and all your efforts are going down the shower drain, it is time you realize that conventional approaches are not going to work for you.

Modern medicine has successfully evolved to a point where revolutionary techniques can actually grow back your beautiful head of hair.

Unbelievable isn’t it? Well not for long! By the end of this article, you are going to be convinced that hair restoration surgery is the light at the end of the tunnel for you.

Be prepared to embrace the feeling when your envious bald pals keep wondering about the secret behind your spectacular locks. ūüôĄ

What Is Hair Restoration Surgery?

Hair restoration process is catered to the specific requirements of every client to enable hair density in a natural way.

Always remember that your surgeon will schedule a certain number of sessions for your hair transplantation based on your degree of hair loss. In the modern era, hair restoration will not provide you with clumps of hair that look obviously abnormal.

This is because today hair transplant is practiced with the help of individual follicular unit micro grafts that contain no more than 1-4 hair strands tightly arranged in a bundle.

These tight bundles are taken from the back of your head above the nape of your neck in an unnoticeable fashion and transplanted on the area of hair loss.

Donor dominant area: This is the area that is the sides and the back of a balding scalp where hair will continue to grow throughout the life of most men.

Hair to be transplanted will be taken from this area and the transplantation will not affect the natural hair growth rate around this part.

Candidates for hair restoration: Individuals with the following characteristics are best candidates for hair transplantation:

  • Good donor density
  • Good donor laxity
  • Good ratio of donor to recipient demands
  • Realistic expectations from the surgeon

Hair Grafting

Surgical techniques improved by leaps and bounds with the advent of micro and mini grafting. A good hair restoration surgery will combine these follicles to provide a natural looking flow and density to your hair.


  • Single hair grafts are soft and have a fine appearance. They will not provide the dense hairline but they will be a perfect transition from the critical soft hairline into a thicker hairline.In the hairline of a non-balding individual, several stand alone hairs are situation at the front. They are transplanted on the front for around 0.5-1cm.
  • Micrografts are small grafts consisting of 2-3 hairs that are approximated behind this line to provide an impression of an increasing degree of the thickness of hair density.
  • Minigrafts which contain 4 or more hair are positioned well behind this hairline so that the density blends in an increasing fashion.


Another important aspect of hair grafting is the orientation of the graft. Hair are oriented horizontally to provide the maximum density without tampering with the natural appearance.

The angle of graft is most critical part of the transplant as this determines how well the graft will home in the native hair pattern. When a surgeon slits into the scalp, he either slits horizontally or laterally and hair grow in the pattern of the slit. Hence a natural and yet more fuller looking scalp is created.

Procedure of Hair Restoration 

A hair transplant can take 8-14 hours based on size of the graft, number of the grafts and complexity of the procedure. After getting familiar with the basics about hair transplant surgery, lets glimpse over the actual procedure step by step:

  • Preparing for hair transplant: ¬†While preparing the patient the donor area at the back of the head is trimmed and then given a local aesthetic.
  • Removing the graft: ¬†The hairs from the donor area are then removed to be used as graft. The area is sutured and hair combed over it to hide the sutures. The sutures will be removed in ten days.
  • Follicular grafts unit: ¬†The hair from the donor area are then dissected under microscopes and used to form follicular graft units.
  • Preparing the bald area: ¬†After giving a local aesthetic the bald area is prepared. Incisions are made that mimic the natural pattern of hair growth in the scalp in an irregular fashion.
  • Placing grafts in the bald area:¬† The harvested follicular units are now carefully planted in these incisions following a pattern as highlighted above.
  • After the transplant: ¬†The individual may have many tiny incisions over the scalp in the r4ecipient area which may develop redness or scab but most of these symptoms go away in a week.


Selecting a Hair Transplant Surgeon and Evaluating the Pricing

Many hair restoration centres have opened up across the globe to help balding individuals seeking a promising cure to get rid of the baldness problem. ūüėÄ

In the recent years, hair transplants have managed to grab much more value by improvising the techniques employed and bringing down the prices. A hair transplant now costs around a $3-8 per graft which has reduced dramatically from the past.

A few famous hair transplant clinics in USA, UK, Australia and India along with a comparison of the budget have been presented here: (Not affiliate link)


1. Bosley Hair Transplant Center: Bosley is a renowned name amongst the various hair restoration centres these days. They have carved out a place for themselves with the superior services offered by a talented team of hair specialists.

After a free hair consultation, the expert will explain the type and extent of hair loss that you are suffering from and subsequently reveal the pricing. Although on an average a class II-IV restoration costs $127-$213 per month which will involve around 600-1200 grafts.

Meanwhile a class IV-VI restoration will cost you $236-$367 per month which involves an estimated 1500-3000 grafts. Find out more about the hair transplant offered by this center http://www.bosley.com


2. Hasson And Wong: This is a renowned hair transplant centre which has branches in both USA and UK. The hair transplant doctors, Hasson and Wong pioneered the lateral slit technology which is a breakthrough in the field of hair transplantation minimizing scarring and mimicking natural pattern if hair best.

Doctor Victor Hasson and Doctor Jerry Wong are world leaders in hair restoration and have received various awards for their achievements. They supply all these services at the reasonable rate of $5 per graft (under 2000 grafts in the same session) or $3 per graft (over 2000 grafts in the same session). They also offer free consultation to all clients. Find out more http://www.hassonandwong.com


3. Dr. Madhu’s Advanced Hair Transplant Centre:¬†This is a hair restoration centre in India which is doing wonders in the field and attracting customers from all across the globe to avail the superior services provided here.

Dr. Madhu is the first hair transplant surgeon in India to be certified by the American Board of Hair restoration surgery and he introduced the techniques of ultra-refined follicular grafting. Find out more about their techniques and book a free online consultation by visiting the site http://www.hairhospi.com/index.html


4. The Cole Hair Transplant Group: This transplant centre operated by Dr. Cole in Alpharetta, Georgia, U.S.A offers the revolutionary Cole Isolation Transplant technique which allows the clients to get a transplant without an unsightly linear scar at the back the head.

Dr. Cole has been in practice for 20 years now and discloses hair transplantation costs after consultation and observing the donor available and discussing the techniques most suited for you. http://www.forhair.com

5. Farjo Medical Centre UK: This is a prominent hair transplant clinic in UK comprising of a team of Dr. Bessam Farjo, Dr. Nilofer Farjo and Dr. Vishal Madan offering the innovative Ultra-Refined Follicular Unit Transplantation, using stereoscopic dissecting microscopes.

They offer hair transplantation at a rate of £5 per graft for the 1st 1000 grafts £2.50 per graft for the next 1000, and £2 per graft thereafter and free consultation.

Discover more about their services and techniques here:  http://www.farjo.net


6. National Hair Institute: This hair transplant clinic in Australia offers its services to you by the help follicular unit grafting method and Follicular Unit Extraction (non-strip method) offering a 6000 grafts per session under the guidance of several trained experts.

This is available at a reasonable cost of $15000 on a average but this may vary depending on the number of grafts that you require although the consultation is free. Discover more about the best technique to fix your hair loss pattern.


7. Australian Hair Transplant Institute: This centre is one of the leading centres in Australia offering hair transplantation under the supervision of Dr. Johnathan Chan and Dr. Christina Wong at a price of AUD $6 to AUD $14 per graft and an initial consultation cost of AUD $100. Find out more :  http://www.hairtransplantinstitute.com.au


8. Darling Buds Hair Transplant Center: This centre has branches all over the world and is the leading hair transplant centre in India. The hair transplants are performed by Dr. Terinjeer Bhatti at a reasonable rate of $2000-$2500 for 2000-2500 roots required by FUT(strip) method and $2800-$3500 for the same number of roots by FUE technique. You can discover more about the services here http://www.hairtransplant-india.org