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Untangle the Frizz with Keratin Hair Treatment

Untangle the Frizz with Keratin Hair Treatment

Indeed, our quest for a straight, smooth and silky hair with no frizz has no boundaries.

Women would do anything to have the hair they always dreamed of. However, nowadays there is no such thing as an ideal straightening treatment.

All the available procedures use certain chemicals to straighten the hair, because, unfortunately, there is no way to naturally undo what nature created in the first place.

So let’s talk about Keratin Treatment. Keratin as the name suggests is PROTEIN COMPLEX that helps reconditions the follicles and feeds the hair moisturizing treatment – the procedure will DE-FRIZZ the hair, at the same time allowing it to wave and curl.

In time, your hair will take its natural form on its entire length, not only at the roots. This way, keratin hair treatment is not permanent and it usually lasts from 3 to 4 months.

What is the process?

First, your hair will be thoroughly shampooed – this will clean and prepare the pores for the following procedure. After brow drying the hair, the stylist will apply the Keratin (formaldehyde) substance on every strand.

You will have to wait for about 20 minutes, and then your hair will be brow dried again. In the end, a flat hot iron will be used to seal the keratin into the hair follicles. As a result, your hair will be straight, shiny and silky.

After the Keratin Treatment, you will have to protect your hair from humidity for about 3-4 days. Any liquid (shower, rain, even sweat) will irremediably undo the straightening effect.

Also, you have to avoid wearing hair clips, rubber bands, glasses – you can’t even pull the hair behind your ears! You have to avoid exercising as well – no sweat and no showers, remember?

After these difficult 72 hours, you can (finally!) wash the hair with a shampoo that contains no sodium. If the straightening procedure was done correctly, your hair will be straight and smooth with minimum blow drying. No more flat ironing or pulling at your hair for hours in order to straighten it at least a little bit!

Important Facts

Some might not like the fact that only sodium and sulfate-free shampoos have to be used after the Keratin procedure.

These shampoos are very smooth and delicate, but you may not have the same feeling of cleanliness as before, when you were using a regular shampoo.

Another downside of the Keratin treatment is the fact that the more often you will wash your hair, the faster the result will disappear. Also, if you are experiencing severe hair loss then this treatment is not for you.

Among the upsides, the most important one is the fact that the Keratin treatment can be done on all hair types. Even more – Damaged/Dry and over all processed hair will benefit from this procedure, which is basically a moisturizing treatment as it feeds the hair protein. Also, the hair will not lose its body and (if you wish) you can style it with waves and curls.

6 Best Keratin Hair Treatment Products

After getting rich insight into the entire procedure of keratin hair treatment you might want help with the best treatment products. After all, having the ultimate frizz free hair is every woman’s dream comes true.

Brazilian Keratin Treatment Kerapremium Original BKT

Pioneers of Brazilian keratin hair treatment opened doors to straight and frizz-free hair with their revolutionary Kerapremium Original BKT Reconstruct Hair Mask that comes in a easy-to-use bottle of 33.8 Fluid Ounce.

Rich with strawberry extracts and hair straightening magic ingredient, keratin, this product has won hearts of million women who felt gorgeous using it. What are the key characteristics that you desire in your idle hair? Let me state a few in the bullet points below:

>> Softness
>> Shine
>> Frizz-free
>> Less volume (Especially those of you with unmanageable ringlets)

Well your wait is finally over for mixed with nature’s gift of cocoa extracts this product is going to enhance the shine of your capillary fiber so they appear healthy.

It also contains collagen, poliquatérnio and mix of silicones Kerapremium straightening – an exclusive creation of Brazilian cosmetologists.

Get Hold of This Hair Treatment Today and let your hair miraculously tame them.


L’emarie Brazilian Keratin Treatment 3 Pc. Hair Kit 12oz

When it comes to top keratin hair treatments, Brazilians take the limelight. Another amazing product that has mesmerised the users with its amazing results is L’emarie. It claims that its main feature is being a perfect companion for hair types.

It helps you soften those dry locks while rejuvenating the shine that dull mistreated hair lack. It goes deep into the scalp and nourishes your roots giving your hair the volume, bounce and softness that you desire.

What does the hair kit consists of?

  • 1 L’emarie Purifying Shampoo 12Oz
  • 1 L’emarie keratin plus Protein+ 12Oz
  • 1 L’emarie Maintenance Conditioner 12Oz

It’s a complete treatment for your tangled hair.


QOD MAX OrganiQ Brazilian Keratin Hair treatment

If natural remedy is your preference for fighting hair loss problems then QOD MAX brings you an amazing product that is 100% natural.

Free from the harmful chemicals like formaldehyde, this high performance hair mask is the key to unlocking doors to frizz-free hair.

Its secret ingredients are proteins, amino acids and Amazon seeds that are further enhanced with the delicious smell of cocoa extracts that make your hair not only beautiful but irresistible.


Rusk Deepshine Smooth Keratin Care Deep Penetrating Treatment Hair Conditioners and Treatment

Design house of Rusk introduced an amazing hair revolution product that is bound to sweep you off your feet (especially those with frizzy hair). Let me ask you some troubling questions.

a) Do you possess tangled and unmanageable hair?

b) Are you tired of causing excessive damage with hair straightener to your already weak and brittle hair?

c) Did you recently get a Keratin hair treatment done?

d) Are you looking to preserve this expensive treatment for longer period?

If you answer to any one of the queries above is ‘yes’ then this product is definitely for you. It is a concoction of natural riches like Vitamin A, Vitamin C and Vitamin E that provides your hair just that nourishment that they crave for.

So why not indulge in this hair therapy today only?


Keratin Coppola Complex Infusion Keratin Replenisher

This product is an exemplary model for science at its best. How? Well it possesses a high PH which in response opens up the shrunken hair follicles while implanting keratin proteins right in the hair shaft roots.

This deep penetration enhances hair growth as you find your hair more smooth and silky from the root to tip. The product clearly stresses that in order to get pleased with optimal results one is to use it daily.

Its claim to fame is the usage of advanced infusion technology that penetrates the roots deeply making your hair longer and stronger.


Keratin Complex Shine

Just like your body demands nourishment, your hair needs it rightful share of nutrients as well. We have learnt how to tame our hair on the outside with the wide range of hair products prevalent in the market but a midst such beauty chaos we forget to treat our hair health from the inside.

Our hair needs proteins and oils to make their structure healthier and stronger.Here comes the good news! Balancing the hair requirements from inside and outside is possible with the unique product Keratin Complex Shine.It gives your hair the shine you desire so all heads turn when you walk in the door.

The secret behind this mechanism is the concept of advanced surface technology which deposits keratin oils on the hair shaft without build-up.  It main ingredients are keratin protein glycerine, soy protein oil, wheat protein oil and arnica (Arnica Montana) extract.