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Prevent Hair Loss: Your Beauty Ornament

Prevent Hair Loss: Your Beauty Ornament

How to Prevent Hair Loss

Billy Joel once said, “Going bald isn’t about losing your hair–it’s about getting more head.”

Many believe that a balding man is a wise man but this optimism soon fades as hair loss robs you of your royal crown that embellished your overall appearance.

Not every bald person is proud of letting go of the charm and beauty that was shed with the hair that they lost.

Woman tends to be more conscious of their appearances and they consider baldness is a reality that shatters their self esteem to a considerable extent.

Heaps of money and resources are being spent on seeking a miracle cure that can stall hair loss and prevent this inevitable curse from taking over.

While many hold steadfast to the belief that hair loss is irreversible, research has provided substantial proof that certain kinds of hair loss can be prevented if we inculcate a hair pampering regime in our daily routine.

Is Hair Loss Really Preventable?

Let us contradict the popular notion that all hair loss can only be associated to aging or that it runs in your genes. Many reasons for hair loss are indeed preventable and the sole reason for hair loss progression is your indolence and ignorance about the matter.

If you treat your hair with the due care that they demand, they will repay your debt with a long-lasting charisma which will cast a spell of envy on your fellow bald peers. So if we tell you that your perfect hair fantasy is possible are you willing to put in the effort that will produce the miraculous results?

Here are a few tips you may find handy if you are among the masses struggling to stop the sturdy train that threatens to land you on the platform of baldness:

7 Tips to Stop Hair Loss Due To Dry Scalp

A simple association between hair loss and dry scalp can be identified by the logic that when hair turn dry, they will turn brittle and will be easier to break off.

Besides, the lack of essential moisture causes the hair to lose its natural lustre and shine. Dry scalp also causes itching which will further weaken hair roots leading to hair loss.

Medical knowledge identifies the culprit to be the under secretion by sebaceous or oil producing glands situated in our hair follicles.

Common factors like pregnancy, hard water, hot weather conditions, frequent shampooing and inadequate nutrition can lead to this problem. The real concern at this point is therefore how to prevent hair loss due to dry scalp.

Release those stress lines on your balding forehead for the following effective tips will help you fight the menace of a dry scalp:

Tip no. 1: Use a mild shampoo

An organic or baby shampoo that does not strip your scalp of its natural oils should be used.

Tip no. 2: Shampoo your hair not your scalp

You can do this by applying shampoo to your hands first instead of directly to the scalp. This prevents the chemical footprints that shampoos leave on your delicate scalp

Tip no.3: Hydrate your body

At least 8 glasses of water daily keeps your scalp skin fresh and replenishes the lost electrolytes that contribute towards dryness.

Tip no. 4: Cut down on caffeine, smoking and alcohol

This will only invite more toxins in your body that target scalp skin.

Tip no. 5: Reduce your shampooing frequency

This only removes the essential oils and moisture that your scalp requires to stay hydrated and healthy. Shampooing more than once is not recommended by most hair experts.

Tip no. 6: Watch out for the heat

Hair styling techniques using a blow dryer is detrimental to your hair health.  Dry hair in air or use your hair dryer at a lower heat and never point it directly at the scalp. Instead keep it 4-5 inches away from your hair.

Tip no. 7: Shield against the sun

UV radiation is also a culprit when it comes to hair damage. Avoid going out in the sun during mid afternoon and protect your scalp with the help of hats, caps or scarves when you venture out under the blazing sun.

How to Stop Hair Breakage : 5 Effective Ways

Are you tired of waking up with your broken hair scattered all over your pillow? Do you dream of combing through your hair without finding a single strand of hair peeking from between the comb teeth?

Most of you can recall having fallen prey to hair repair shampoo advertisements that target our yearning for stronger hair without producing any consistent results. But as your attempts repeatedly fail, the crowing part of our appearance gradually recedes leaving you increasingly conscious to face the mirror.

Preventing hair loss is not exactly rocket science. As long as you incorporate a careful daily regime to tame your locks, you will fight yourself winning the ugly battle against hair loss in not time. Here are a few effective tips that can stop hair breakage: 🙄

1: Trim the ends

Most women would respond to this piece of advice with a cynical eye rolling. It should however be noted that trimming removes the dead ends of the hair that split and weaken resulting in breakage. So don’t hesitate to let go of those precious inches for sake of the health of your hair.

2: Don’t tamper while wet

Avoid brushing your hair while they are wet as hair is most fragile in a wet state. Avoid harshly rubbing your towel through wet hair and blow drying wet hair directly. Use a comb instead of a brush if you have to untangle wet hair. The ideal state to comb your hair is when you have applied a conditioner.

3: Step down on the heat

Hair damage due to heat during styling practices is the leading cause for hair breakage. If you plan on using hot iron, curlers or blow-dryers, cut it down to the minimum. Turning the heat to a low temperature will also lessen the damage exposure. Also blow-dry slightly damp or dry hair.

4: Cut down the chemicals

While modern day styles of perming, dyeing, highlighting or bleaching your hair have considerably made hair look more beautiful on the outside, they have raised havoc to hair health on the inside. So only if you can minimize the temporary urge to enhance the appeal of your locks, you can preserve their natural beauty for longer.

5: Conditioning

Always remember that hair break when they become dry and brittle. Conditioning helps replenish the natural moisture in your hair. Mixing a few essential oils or olive oil in your conditioner can further enhance its usefulness.