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Sage Shampoo Review: For Heavy Dandruff and Itchy Scalp

Sage Shampoo Review: For Heavy Dandruff and Itchy Scalp

Dandruff is common; it occurs to men and women both, young and old, too. It is the white dried skin that falls on your shoulder. It is associated with an itchy scalp and it’s really annoying.

Dandruff is due to poor diet, excessive shampooing, use of harsh chemicals on hair as hair styling products, stress, and also when you are having a skin disease like dermatitis, eczema, or psoriasis.

One who faces heavy dandruff is bound to experience heavy hair fall as well. Even more bad news is: majority of the dandruff treatment products either bring no change or they do temporarily. Some give rise to a new problem making the situation even worsen.

Wait—don’t be upset too much. Sage Shampoo to answer all your worries eliminating dandruff and itchy scalp altogether. It has brought about a surprising difference to many of the suffers. We will look into the product thoroughly, its benefits and also check through the real users feedback.

Why Sage Shampoo

Sage shampoo is one of the many products made by Maple Holistics. It is ideal for someone who wants to treat dandruff naturally and safely. It will also treat your itchy and dry scalp by retaining the needed moisture to keep your scalp healthy.

Sage shampoo is dermatologist-tested and recommended because it has the ability to fight the causes of dandruff and other scalp conditions.

Made of pure essential oils and mild ingredients, it is great for all hair types especially to those who are sensitive to sulfates, parabens, and other strong detergents. It is also safe for color treated hair, vegan friendly, and is not tested on animals.

It is infused with botanical keratin, peach kernel, and jojoba oils. These substances are known to provide moisture to the hair and scalp and repair hair damage by providing keratin to each hair strand.

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What Makes It A Great Shampoo

Sage is the main ingredient in this product. Among others, there are rosemary, spikenard, tea tree oil, jojoba oil, peach kernel, and botanical keratin. They are carefully blended together to produce a hypoallergenic formula that is proven to reduce dandruff, stimulate cell regeneration, treat dry scalp, and calm inflammation.

Sage has anti-fungal, antiseptic, and soothing properties; ideal in fighting dermatitis and other scalp conditions. It is also packed with vitamin C, A, and B, sodium and potassium. It promotes hair growth, improves circulation, and improves hair follicle formation.

Rosemary has been known to stimulate hair growth and has been used for centuries by many for the same purpose. Since then, rosemary has been used as an ingredient in hair products such as shampoos, conditioners, and rinses.

Spikenard, also known as Jatamansi oil is an exotic addition to the formula; known to encourage skin health and hair growth.

Tea tree oil can help your hair and scalp in many ways. It helps remove dead skin cells paving the way to healthier scalp and promote healthy hair growth. Using harsh chemicals is often the cause of dry scalp and brittle hair. By applying tea tree oil, you are protecting your hair from residue build-up and dead skin.

Jojoba and peach kernel are moisturizing factors that help treat dryness and dandruff. They also help maintain hair volume; makes your hair look fuller.

Botanical keratin, on the other hand, provides the protein that helps restore hair that has been damaged.


  • Most users agreed that it works as promised (based on customer reviews.)
  • For some users, there is no need to use a conditioner after shampooing if your hair does not need extra oil.
  • It is good for all hair types; does not have overpowering smell that will keep you from using the product.
  • The all natural ingredients make is safe for everyday use even for color treated hair.


  • Some reported re-occurrence of dandruff after several use.
  • Some consider it a bit pricey for its size.
  • It can be terribly drying for some hair types. You have to use a conditioner to add moisture to the hair


Maple Holistic Sage Shampoo is made of powerful and organic ingredients which are known to not only fight dandruff but also hair loss and scalp conditions by preserving your hair’s natural oil and pigmentation. It is free of sulfate and harsh ingredients so you can solve hair problems in A natural and holistic ways.

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